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Information Policy & Analysis

Committee Description

The NISO Information Policy & Analysis Topic Committee was renewed by the NISO Board in June 2017 (and was originally formed as the Business Information Topic Committee in early 2007 in response to a strategic restructuring). As part of NISO's organizational structure, topic committees that bring together leaders in specific subjects have been created to provide direction to the organization for standards development in those umbrella topic areas. The Information Policy & Analysis Topic Committee focuses on issues regarding the management structure surrounding the acquisition, licensing, purchasing, and analysis of information. Specific areas include: license expression, online usage data, access management, performance measures and other statistics, etc.

The topic committee is charged with the following tasks:


Todd Digby
Jessica Thibodeau


Senol Akay
Anne Campbell
Jennifer D'Urso
Athena Hoeppner
Moon Kim
Jack Maness
Steve Smith

Board liaison: Jonathan Clark
NISO staff: Todd Carpenter, Nettie LagaceKeondra Bailey, Kimberly Graham

The following NISO standards fall under the Information Policy & Analysis Topic Committee.

Active Groups:

Existing standards & recommended practices:

 Inactive Groups

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