Strategic Plan

Strategic Planning

NISO’s strategic planning is led by our Board of Directors, working with the Executive Director and staff. In May 2020, the Board approved the most recent NISO strategic plan for the three years starting July 1, 2020 as proposed by our Governance Committee, led by Board member Maria Stanton. This is the first plan following our 2019 merger with NFAIS, and takes account of the fact that our expanded membership and broader remit gives us the opportunity to aggressively pursue new objectives and goals.

The Board identified the following themes for NISO to focus on over the next three years (2020-2023):

  • Diversity and Inclusion

  • Trendsetting

  • Standards Development for Content and Technology

  • Community Development

The Governance Committee proposed a specific set of objectives under each theme, with related activities and key performance indicators to help track our progress.  As well as reporting back to the Board on our activities, we will also be sharing regular updates in our Information Organized (I/O) newsletter and at our annual members meeting.  

NISO’s previous strategic plans were published in  2018, 2015, 2011, and 2004.

The NISO Framework, which is "an overarching model and roadmap for all of NISO’s standards work," is reviewed regularly by our Architecture Committee.

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