NISO Membership Dues

2019 Membership Dues

Voting Membership Dues

The NISO membership year is January-December. Membership dues are assessed annually in October for the following calendar year. Payment is due January 1.  Membership dues for new members are prorated after July 1 on a monthly basis based on the membership level when submitted with payment of the following year's dues.

Level   Gross Revenue/                        NISO
            Operating Expenses                 Membership Fee


A.       $ 100,000,000+                                      $ 15,200

B.       $ 40,000,000 - $ 99,999,999                  $ 11,690

C.       $ 15,000,000 - $ 39,999,999                   $ 9,700

D.       $ 7,000,000 - $ 14,999,999                     $ 7,620

E.       $ 3,000,000 - $ 6,999,999                       $ 4,525

F.        $ 500,000 - $ 2,999,999                          $ 2,980

G.        Less than $ 499,999                               $ 1,930


For profit corporations: NISO dues are based on a company’s total gross revenue. A Voting Member is considered to be the parent company. A division, affiliate, or subsidiary can join as a Voting Member, but the dues will be assessed at the rate appropriate for the parent organization. If the parent company is already a Voting Member, and a division, affiliate, or subsidiary wants to join separately, the fee for the affiliate, division, or subsidiary is based on their
individual gross revenue.

Non-profit and government agencies: NISO dues are based on total operating expenses (excluding any pass-though monies, cost of goods sold, etc.).

To learn more about the Voting Membership, see NISO Voting Member Benefits and Voting Membership List.

2019 Library Standards Alliance Dues

Membership in NISO's Library Standards Alliance (LSA) welcomes academic, public, special, and government libraries and library associations worldwide that have an active interest in collaborating on information standards.

The membership year is January 1 to December 31. Renewal membership dues are assessed annually in October for the following calendar year. Payment is due on January 1st.

  • Level 1: $1,195 per year - Applies to Libraries within doctoral/research universities, national libraries, and large government, public, or state libraries.
  • Level 2: $715 per year - Applies to all other types of libraries.

New memberships that begin after Friday, June 30, 2018 will be pro-rated for the remaining calendar term. The following will apply:

2018 Full year (required for joining in Q1 and Q2) 
      Level 1 $97 x # of 2018 remaining months + $1,160 for 2019
      Level 2 $58 x # of 2018 remaining months + $695 for 2019

To learn more about the Library Standards Alliance Membership, see the LSA Member benefits and the LSA Member List.