DEIA Committee

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility Committee

The DEIA Committee currently comprises 16 members from five countries, representing all areas of NISO’s work — libraries, publishers, research infrastructure, service providers, and other  information community organizations — plus three NISO staff. They are charged with championing NISO’s DEI Policy to help achieve our goal of social justice in all our activities, including establishing priorities, identifying assessment criteria, and regularly monitoring and reporting on progress. The Committee will also serve as a resource for the NISO community, providing guidance on DEIA issues and advocating for under-represented groups.

In support of these goals, the DEIA Committee Co-Chairs may establish ad-hoc subcommittees, to help embed the NISO DEIA Committee strategic goal to improve diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility in all areas of NISO’s work. Subcommittees may be established to address a specific need, or be ongoing to provide support for NISO activities. Two subcommittees were established in April 2022, focusing on Education and Events and Standards.




Committee Members


  • Salwa Ismail, University of California - Berkeley (USA)


  • Avram Anderson, California State University Northridge (USA)
  • Camille Callison (member of the Tahltan Nation), University of the Fraser Valley (Canada)
  • Gregory Grazevich, Modern Language Association (USA)
  • Cindy Hohl, American Indian Library Association/Kansas City Public Library (USA)
  • Rebecca McLeod, Harvard Data Science Review (USA)
  • Bahar Mehmani, Elsevier (Netherlands)
  • Gabi Mejias, DataCIte (Germany)
  • Merrilee Proffitt, OCLC (USA)
  • Gabi Rundle, Emerald Publishing (UK)
  • Maria Stanton, Atla (USA) - Founder and Honorary Member

NISO Staff

  • Todd Carpenter, Executive Director
  • Kimberly Graham, Education Program Manager & DEIA Advocate
  • Nettie Lagace, Associate Executive Director
  • Keondra Bailey, Assistant Standards Program Manager

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