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Standardized Markup for Journal Articles: Journal Article Tag Suite (JATS)

The Standard: JATS: Journal Article Tag Suite, version 1.3 (ANSI/NISO Z39.96-2021)

Supporting documentation and schemas in DTD, RELAX NG, and W3C Schema formats

Submit comments for JATS to be considered by the Standing Committee. Comments already submitted are public.  

Comment on the JATS Compatibility Model Description.  The goal of this document is to enable creators and maintainers of JATS-based document models to know when the extensions they make to JATS models are JATS-compatible and to suggest ways in which they can achieve their modeling goals in a JATS-compatible way.


About This Standard

The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) of the National Library of Medicine (NLM) originally created the Journal Archiving and Interchange Tag Suite with the intent of providing a common format in which publishers and archives could exchange journal content.

The Tag Suite was developed in response to a Document Type Definition (DTD) used by the NCBI/NLM PubMed Central project to archive life science journals from a variety of sources. Input and support from Harvard University Libraries, as well as support from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and collaboration with Inera, Inc. and Mulberry Technologies, Inc., allowed the scope of the project to be broadened and resulted in the NLM Journal Archiving and Interchange Tag Suite.

Changes to the Tag Suite have always been user-driven. User-suggested changes now are collected and discussed by the JATS Standing Committee (roster below)  who decide on action based on NISO continuous maintenance procedures. 

This standard (now named NISO JATS: Journal Article Tag Suite, version 1.2) is a revision of the NLM Journal Archiving and Interchange Tag Suite version 3.0. An NLM version named "NLM 3.1" was never published; the intermediate Tag Sets for the NISO Trial Use standard were numbered "NISO JATS 0.4". This NISO JATS 1.1, updating the 1.0 standard published in 2012 is the intellectual successor to NLM 3.0. In addition to the element and attribute descriptions, three journal article tag sets (the Archiving and Interchange Tag Set, the Journal Publishing Tag Set, and the Article Authoring Tag Set) have been provided as part of NISO JATS 1.1.

The JATS Working Group worked on the JATS 1.0 standard. 


Committee Roster

Approved by the NISO Content and Collections Management Topic Committee, April 5, 2013 Additional members approved in April 2016.


Jeffrey Beck

Literature Program Head
National Library of Medicine (NLM)


Mary McRae

Senior Project Manager | Business Analyst
Orbis Technologies

Michael Parkin

Data Scientist, Literature Services
European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI)