Information Standards


ANSI/NISO Z39.96-2015 JATS: Journal Article Tag Suite

The Journal Article Tag Suite provides a common XML format in which publishers and archives can exchange journal content. The JATS provides a set of XML elements and attributes for...

ISBN 978-1-937522-69-8
DOI 10.3789/ansi.niso.z39.96-2015

ANSI/NISO Z39.99-2017 ResourceSync Framework Specification

This ResourceSync specification describes a synchronization framework for the web consisting of various capabilities that allow third-party systems to remain synchronized with a server’s evolving resources. The capabilities may be...

ISBN 978-1-937522-73-5
DOI 10.3789/ansi.niso.z39.99-2017
ISSN 1041-5653

ANSI/NISO/LBC Z39.78-2000 (R2018)

Describes the technical specifications and materials specifications for first-time hardcover binding of serials publications and paperbound books for library use, and rebinding of hardcover books and serials intended for library...

ISBN 978-1-937522-86-5
DOI 10.3789/ansi.niso.z39.78-2000R2018
ISSN 1041-5653