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NISO Annual Members Meeting and Standards Update


Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, our annual members meeting will look a bit different this year. We usually hold an in-person meeting at the ALA Annual Conference, but since that has been cancelled, we are inviting you to attend the annual meeting virtually instead. The NISO Annual Members Meeting and Standards Update will take place via Zoom on Friday, June 26, from 11am - 12.30pm EDT/4pm - 5.30pm BST. You will hear from our Executive Director, Todd Carpenter, and other NISO staff about important organizational issues, including our strategic planning process for 2020-2022, the completion of the NISO/NFAIS merger, the inaugural NISO Plus conference, our organizational finances, and our standards program plans for the coming year. The meeting is also a chance for you to share your own feedback about NISO and our work, and to ask us any questions you have about our organization and how we operate. 

Following the Members Meeting portion of the session, Working Group members and NISO staff will provide updates on several NISO projects:

Post-Event Update: We have added the answers to two questions received during the event, to the E-Book Metadata section below.  If you asked a question during the event and do not see it on this page, please contact us. Thank you. 

Event Sessions

NISO Annual Report


Content Platform Migrations Working Group Update


Bibliographic Metadata Requirements in the Sale, Publication, Discovery, and Preservation Supply Chain


Ravit David

Distinctive Collections Librarian, Scholars Portal
University of Toronto Libraries

Alistair Morrison

Manager of Library Applications
Johns Hopkins University, Sheridan Libraries
Have you also considered ISSNs for book series?

We have a section in the draft where we discussed monographic series at length. 
Please read it and let us know if we need to include anything else that relates to ISSN, in the way you think is best to use it. 
BTW, BITS has a field for ISSN under <collection-meta> that is recommended for series.

Can you give a brief overview of the validation and quality assurance recommendations within the standard, beyond just proper formatting of each element?

We don't make any recommendations regarding validation because that is handled by the individual standards. The quality assurance recommendations are disbursed throughout the recommended practice, and are based on consideration of the proper authority for the data element and the practical issues affecting accurate transmission of the authoritative information, and the replacement of preliminary titles etc. with the final metadata from the publisher. Most of the quality assurance discussion occurs in the General Recommendations for each element. 

KBART Phase III Update


Noah Levin

Manager, Metadata & Digital Asset Management
Springer Publishing

Open Discovery Initiative Update


Seamless Access Update


Additional Information

  • If you have not received your Login Instruction e-mail by 10 a.m. (ET) on the day before this virtual, please contact the NISO office at for immediate assistance.
  • If you are registering someone else from your organization, either use that person's e-mail address when registering or contact to provide alternate contact information.

  • Conference presentation slides and Q&A will be posted to this event webpage following the live conference.

  • Registrants will receive an e-mail message containing access information to the archived conference recording within 48 hours after the event. This recording access is only to be used by the registrant's organization.

For Online Events

  • You will need a computer for the presentation and Q&A.
  • Audio is available through the computer (broadcast) and by telephone. We recommend you have a set-up for telephone audio as back-up even if you plan to use the broadcast audio as the voice over Internet isn't always 100% reliable.

Please check your system in advance to make sure it meets the Zoom platform requirements. It is your responsibility to ensure that your system is properly set up before each webinar begins.