E-Book Bibliographic Metadata Requirements in the Sale, Publication, Discovery, and Preservation Supply Chain (E-Book Metadata) Working Group

Public Comment Period Was June 18 - August 2, 2020

The NISO E-Book Metadata Working Group public comment period has ended. You may access the draft document and view comments received, which are now being considered by the Working Group prior to final publication.

Project Description

This NISO Working Group will collect the minimal metadata requirements necessary to describe e-books in order to support sales, discovery, delivery, deaccessioning, and preservation, and identify the most effective and efficient way for metadata to be moved through the entire supply chain. This project will help the creators and managers of bibliographic records to cooperate to minimize duplication of work and ensure overall quality of metadata.


Committee Roster

Approved by the NISO Content and Collections Management Topic Committee December 14, 2016


Alistair Morrison

Manager of Library Applications
Johns Hopkins University, Sheridan Libraries


Sara Newell

Senior Product Analyst
OCLC Online Computer Library Center