Transfer Alerting Service

Transfer has moved. See below.

This service has been designed to facilitate communication of journal transfers. The service is made up of the following:

  • The Journal Transfer Notification Database. This database allows librarians and other interested parties to search for details of journal transfers announced through the Enhanced Transfer Alerting Service and acts as an archive of transfer information supplied by publishers using the service. Searches can be by title, keyword, or ISSN.
  • The Transfer Notification List:  Librarians, information professionals and any other organisations with an interest in journal transfers are encouraged to sign up to the list. Every time a journal transfer is announced using the Enhanced Transfer Alerting Service, registrants on the Transfer Notification List receive e-mail alerts detailing the journal(s) involved, bibliographic information, and contact details for the publishers involved.  Sign up to the email list.
  • The Journal Transfer Notification Form. This form is a simple way for publishers to communicate journal transfer information. Under the terms of the Code, endorsing publishers are requested to use the service whenever they receive a new journal. Log-in details are required to use the form, and these are supplied to any publisher that endorses the Transfer Code.
  • The Transfer Notification RSS Feed. This feed stores information from publishers about previous journal transfers, and acts as an archive of transfer information supplied by publishers using the service.

The Transfer Alerting Service

Please note that the Transfer Alerting Service (TAS) has moved.
Beginning on September 10th 2018, the alerting service is now hosted by the ISSN International Centre. The core features and functions of the TAS will remain the same, however, the URL has changed from  to

An FAQ regarding this move is provided below.

  1. What is the timeline for the transition?
    The new service will be going live on September 10th, 2018. Publishers should log transfer notifications using the new service from this date.

  2. What is the new URL?
    The URL of the new service will be

  3. Will both services be available simultaneously?
    The old service will be kept live for one month. However, it will only be possible for publishers to log transfer notifications using the new service from September 10th, 2018 and the new service will be the definitive record of transitions from that point.

  4. Will a redirect be in place?
    A redirect has been put in place from the old service to

  5. Will the same transfer details be held in the new service?
    Yes, the new service will require the same details from publishers when a notification is logged and transmit the same details to alert recipients.

  6. Will historical transfers be in the new service?
    Yes, historic transfer details are being transferred.

  7. What kind of searches will the new service offer?
    The new service will offer the same ISSN, date range, and keyword searches as the current service. Enhanced search features have also been implemented.

  8. Will transfer details remain freely accessible and searchable?
    Yes, transfer details will be accessible and searchable without log-in.


  1. Will I need to re-register to log transfer notifications?
    In order to log transfer notifications your organization will need to have an ISSN International Centre account and log-in. For publishers already registered, these details will be recirculated in a reminder communication on the transition. For publishers not yet registered with the ISSN International Centre, an account will need to be created. Please contact

  2. Will the option for title by title and bulk upload still be available?
    Initially, the bulk upload option will not be directly available through the service. The publisher may contact the ISSN International Centre at to make the necessary arrangements.


  1. Will the listserv be maintained?
    Yes, the same listserv will be maintained. You do not need to re-subscribe--all existing subscribers will be moved automatically.

  2. What email address will the new alerts come from?
    Alerts from the new service will come from

  3. Will the format of the emails remain the same?
    The format of the emails will change slightly, but they will contain the same details.

  4. Will the RSS feed be maintained? What is the new RSS feed URL?
    The RSS feed will be maintained at the a new URL Note that the RSS feed cannot be redirected, so set-up will need to be revised to accommodate this change.