About Transfer

The movement of scholarly journals between publishers has been an established feature of the scholarly publishing landscape for many years and there is every indication that this practice, a fundamental strand of many publishers' business strategy, will only increase in the future.

While it is not a phenomenon caused by the move to online publishing, the implications of titles moving between publishers in an online environment are far more pronounced than they are in a print world. Indeed, it is currently one of the principal sources of frustration, dissatisfaction and debate between publishers and librarians and between publishers themselves.

Transfer, established in 2006 under the auspices of the UK Serials Group and now moved to NISO, has been created to address the challenges caused by the growing number of titles moving between publishers.

The Transfer Standing Committee

Transfer is currently a cross-sectoral NISO Standing Committee comprising representatives from the scholarly publishing, intermediary and library communities. For a list of the Standing Committee members, see the roster page.

Current Status

The current version is Version 4.0 of the Transfer Code of Practice. Publishers are now asked to sign up and follow the Code and can do so by:

Publishers endorsing the Code are listed on the Publisher Endorsement page.

More Transfer Papers

If you have any questions please email the co-Chairs of the Working Group, Jennifer Bazeley, bazelejw@miamioh.edu and James Phillpotts, james.phillpotts@oup.com.

Some Historical Links...

Public Comment Period Was September 5-October 19, 2018

An updated DRAFT version of the Transfer Code of Practice was available for public comment/input from September 5 through October 19, 2018.  You may no longer submit comments but you may read the ones submitted. You can also read the press release announcing the draft

Past News:

The current official version of NISO RP-24-2015, Transfer Code of Practice version 3.0 published as a NISO Recommended Practice in 2015!

Jennifer Bazeley, Transfer SC co-chair, chatted about the initiative on the March 12, 2018 NISO Open Teleconference.

Read the full press release about the Transfer Code's maintenance moving to NISO.   Standing Committee Co-chair Alison Mitchell participated in the February 9, 2015 NISO Open Teleconference to talk about the work of Transfer.  You can listen to the recording of this call.