Standards-Specific Ontology (SSOS)

Public Comment Period Was January 31 - March 16, 2022

The NISO Standards-Specific Ontology Standard public comment period has ended. You may access the draft document and view comments received, which will be considered by the Working Group prior to final publication.

An OWL version of the ontology is also available for review.



This working group, which began its work in Fall 2020, is developing and standardizing a high-level standards ontology that describes a limited set of core concepts and relationships, beginning with a component to define standards’ lifecycle states. This will facilitate use, create deeper, more consistent discovery/navigation, and set a foundation for other semantic application, such as linked data, in the standards ecosystem.


Committee Roster


Robert Wheeler

Director, Publishing Technologies
American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)


Daniel Berger

Senior Manager of Production
American Water Works Association

Greg Saunders

Office of the Asst Sec of Defense for Research & Engineering (OASD-R&E)