Robert Wheeler

Director, Publishing Technologies

Robert Wheeler is the Director of Publishing Technologies at ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers), and helps guide their digital strategy and publishing business, with a particular focus on the Codes and Standards production and publishing program, and Co-Chair of the NISO STS (Standard Tag Suite) Working Group, creating a standardized XML tag suite for standards publishing. Robert has 25 years in the STM/STEM publishing space, from the front end of production through online publishing. He worked at AIP (American Institute of Physics) as the Product Manager and Operations Manager of the online publishing platform, Scitation, and before that, Production Operations Support Manager for AIP’s in-house typesetting division. He also worked at Springer/Kluwer Academic, as part of a small team devoted to the planning, design, and implementation of electronic initiatives, spearheading a number of projects focused on XML content and digital workflows.