Join Us For Our ODI Conformance Statement Workshop for Libraries

Struggling to fill out the ODI Conformance Statement for Libraries?  Need some help in determining how to approach this work for your institution?  Join NISO Open Discovery Initiative Steering Committee Library Representatives for a one hour workshop to learn more about ODI (Open Discovery Initiative) and library conformance, get tips on how to approach each area of conformance, and use a provided worksheet to create an action plan for next steps in preparing and publishing your institution’s conformance statement.

Confirmed speakers include Teresa Hazen (University of Arizona), Laura Morse (Harvard), Geoff Morse (Northwestern), and Ken Varnum (University of Michigan).  But you only have a few days left! This hour-long event is scheduled to start at 3 p.m. on Monday, July 12.  To register, just visit the link shown in the righthand sidebar.