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Co-chair of the NISO Open Discovery Initiative Standing Committee, Laura Morse, will join Nettie Lagace in a discussion about the project and its current activities. 

The Open Discovery Initiative (ODI) Recommended Practice defines best practices for the new generation of library discovery services that are based on indexed search. These discovery services are primarily based upon indexes derived from journals, ebooks and other electronic information of a scholarly nature. The content comes from a range of information providers and products--commercial, open access, institutional, etc. Given the growing interest and activity in the interactions between information providers and discovery services, a more standard set of practices is required for the ways that content is represented in discovery services and for the interactions between the creators of these services and the information providers whose resources they represent. 

The Recommended Practice includes guidelines to content providers on disclosure of level of participation, the minimum set of metadata elements provided for indexing, linking practices, and technical formats. Recommendations for discovery service providers address content listings, linking practices, file formats and methods of transfer to be supported, and usage statistics. The document also provides background information on the evolution of discovery and delivery technology and a standard set of terminology and definitions for this technology area.

The call on Monday is free and anyone is welcome to participate. To join, simply dial US: +1 646 558 8656 or +1 669 900 6833 and enter the code: 155 493 528#.

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Laura Morse

Director, Library Systems & Support
Harvard University

The recording for the event is available:

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