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Collaborative Collections Lifecycle Infrastructure Project (CCLIP)


Networks of libraries have a long tradition of working together to expand their resources and provide more comprehensive coverage across all subjects through sharing of resources. As one of these strategies, larger networks of institutions have recently explored wider adoption of cooperative collections management, which this project defines as a process by which networks of institutions work collaboratively to acquire, manage, circulate, and preserve collections across the network. The Collaborative Collections Lifecycle Project seeks to overcome serious barriers to wider implementations, including the lack of available vendor-neutral interoperable systems, adequate governance and decision-making frameworks, and assessment tools.

The Collaborative Collections Lifecycle Infrastructure Project (CCLIP) will support several working groups to work in concert with CCLP and with each other to produce a Recommended Practice. The CCLIP Recommended Practice will document exchange protocols that describe gathering, normalizing, and exchanging holdings information, contractual information, retention obligations, and usage data. It will also describe aggregation of library staff and subject matter expertise, local and group-based insights, and the publisher/marketplace information necessary to support collaborative decisions at the local and cross-institutional levels. The Recommended Practice will also explore assessment processes among partner institutions, provide definitions, describe personas, and outline their related workflows.

As of March 2023, three working groups have been formed, with more to be formed in Fall 2023.


Committee Roster

CCLIP Acquisitions Working Group

Tracie Alger

Library Technical Services Specialist
Ferris State University

Megan Kilb

E-Resources Librarian and Head of Monographic Orders
UNC Chapel Hill

Moon Kim

Head, Collections Services
University of British Columbia Library

Colleen Major

Director, Collections Access and Discovery
New York Public Library

CCLIP Assessment/Data Analysis Working Group

Ian Bogus

Executive Director
Research Collections and Preservation Consortium (ReCAP)

Kristen Calvert

Director of Assessment, Reporting, and Strategic Initiatives
Western Carolina University

Jia (Sami) Mi

Electronic Resources/Serials Librarian
The College of New Jersey

CCLIP Cataloging/Metadata Working Group

Dana Jemison

Senior Metadata Analyst
California Digital Library

Jihye Lee

Electronic Cataloging Librarian III
Nova Southeastern University

CCLIP Collections Development and Selection Working Group

Lenny Allen

Global Sales & Marketing Director, Bloomsbury Digital Resources
Bloomsbury Publishing

Michael Hughes

Director of Collections and Metadata Strategy
City University of New York (CUNY)

Nelia Koontz

Collections Management Librarian
University of Wyoming Libraries

Abby Scheel

Head, Arts & Humanities Division
University of California, Berkeley

Joseph Yue

Librarian for Humanities, Social Sciences and Reference Collections
University of California, Los Angeles

CCLIP Infrastructure Working Group

Emma Heet

Associate Dean for Collection Services
Loyola University Chicago

Angie Maranville

Program Officer for Strategic Initiatives and Communications
Greater Western Library Alliance

Stacy McKenna

Assistant Head, Acquisitions
University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Libraries

CCLIP Organizational Strategy and Governance Working Group

Patrick L. Carr

Program Manager for Library Consortium Operations
Connecticut State Colleges and Universities

Geri Rinna

Associate Professor and Collections Strategist Librarian
Western Michigan University

Kristina Rose

Associate Dean for Collections & Content Strategy
New York University (NYU)

Heather Weltin

Content and Data Management Lead and Program Officer for Shared Print
HathiTrust Digital Library

Alison Wohlers

Manager, Shared Print Programs
California Digital Library (CDL)