Standards and Publications

Recommended Practice

NISO RP-22-2015 Access and License Indicators

This recommended practice defines metadata indicators to be used to indicate free-to-read content and a link to license terms for the use/re-use of that content. Humans and machines will be...

ISBN 978-1-937522-49-0
DOI 10.3789/niso-rp-22-2015
Recommended Practice

NISO RP-24-2015 Transfer Code of Practice Version 3.0

The Transfer project was initiated by UKSG in 2006 in response to issues identified by the scholarly communications community when journal titles change platform providers or owners. In the first...

ISBN 978-1-937522-40-7
DOI 10.3789/niso-rp-24-2015
Recommended Practice

NISO RP-24-2019 Transfer Code of Practice (Version 4.0)

The Transfer Code of Practice responds to the expressed needs of the scholarly journal community for consistent guidelines to help publishers ensure that journal content remains easily accessible by librarians...

ISBN 978-1-937522-90-2
DOI 10.3789/niso-rp-24-2019
Recommended Practice

NISO RP-31-2021, Reproducibility Badging and Definitions

Approved January 15, 2021. Reproducibility, the practice of validating prior research through the sharing of data and methods, is a topic that has been discussed within the scholarly research community...

ISBN 978-1-950980-03-1
DOI 10.3789/niso-rp-31-2021