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Call for Participation for Second Cohort of CCLIP Working Groups

The IMLS-funded Collaborative Collections Lifecycle Project (CCLP) and its associated Collaborative Collections Lifecycle Infrastructure Project (CCLIP) continue to build greater community collaboration in smart collection management and improving institutional efficiency through partnership. The CCLP seeks to overcome serious barriers to wider implementations of cooperative collections management, including the lack of available vendor-neutral interoperable systems, adequate governance and decision-making frameworks, and assessment tools.

The CCLIP Recommended Practice, feeding CCLP efforts, will document exchange protocols that describe gathering, normalizing, and exchanging holdings information, contractual information, retention obligations, and usage data. It will describe aggregation of library staff and subject matter expertise, local and group-based insights, and the publisher and marketplace information necessary to support collaborative decisions at the local and cross-institutional levels. The Recommended Practice will also explore assessment processes among partner institutions, provide definitions, describe personas, and outline their related workflows.The first CCLIP cohort working groups, Collections Development and Selection, Infrastructure, and Organizational Strategy and Governance, are currently hard at work focusing on outputs in their areas. 

NISO now seeks volunteers for the second cohort of working groups to focus on additional elements of the overall Recommended Practice:

The Acquisitions working group will focus on developing community guidance on the procurement workflows institutions will use to acquire content in the context of cooperative collections development. NISO seeks participation from acquisitions librarians or specialists, electronic resources librarians or specialists, resource sharing librarians, licensing specialists, library management, access services librarians, library systems managers, product/software developers, and content providers. 

The Assessment/Data Analysis working group will examine existing workflows for creating and modifying collections, monitoring usage, and providing financial reports and work to identify functionality gaps and user needs related to reporting and assessment in a collaborative environment. NISO seeks participation from assessment librarians, library systems managers, product and software developers, data exchange specialists, and those in library management.

The Cataloging/Metadata working group will explore existing workflows for creating and modifying records and work to identify functionality gaps and user needs for metadata workers in a collaborative environment. NISO seeks participation from cataloging and metadata librarians or specialists, technical services librarians, resource sharing librarians, library systems managers, product and software developers, and data exchange specialists.

The groups’ work is expected to run from approximately September 2023 to October 2024. We anticipate that on average all working groups will meet virtually via Zoom twice a month for one-hour meetings. About 2–3 hours of offline work per month are also anticipated. Working group members will be expected to collect or create reference materials, analyze them through discussion, and collaboratively draft new outputs as part of their tasks. There may be additional methods or tools that working groups develop to support project outputs. Additional details on the scope and expected outputs for each working group are available on the NISO website.

Please send a short email with a sentence or two describing your interest and which working group you’d like to participate in to

NISO will also hold a free webinar on Wednesday, September 27 at 3:00 pm EDT to update the public on the progress of the CCLP and CCLIP initiatives and provide information on the new working groups. All interested parties are welcome to attend!


Nettie Lagace

Associate Executive Director

Nettie Lagace is the Associate Executive Director at NISO, where she is responsible for facilitating the work of NISO's topic committees and development groups for standards and best practices, and

Keondra Bailey

Assistant Standards Program Manager

Keondra is the Assistant Standards Program Manager at NISO. Prior to joining NISO, she worked at Duke University Press as the Digital Access Specialist.