NISO Announces Cost of Resource Exchange (CORE) Protocol as a Draft Standard for Trial Use

Participants Needed to Implement and Provide Feedback on the CORE Standard That Exchanges Financial Information Between Library Systems

Baltimore, MD - April 1, 2009 - NISO's CORE Working Group announces the publication of Z39.95-200x, Cost of Resource Exchange (CORE) Protocol as a Draft Standard for Trial Use (DSFTU). The CORE draft standard defines an XML schema to facilitate the exchange of financial information related to the acquisition of library resources between systems, such as an ILS and an ERMS. The document was approved on March 31, 2009 by the Business Information Topic Committee, which provides oversight to the CORE Working Group.
The CORE standard is being issued for a one-year trial use period, to run from April 1, 2009 through March 31, 2010. Following the DFSTU phase will be an evaluation and correction period before final publication.

"I am very pleased that CORE is available for trial use after just eight months' time. The CORE Working Group has produced a standard that provides a simple and effective solution to the problem of exchanging cost-related data from one system to another," commented Todd Carpenter, NISO's Managing Director.

The CORE draft standard identifies a compact yet useful structure for query and delivery of relevant acquisitions data. "Sharing acquisitions information between systems has always been a difficult problem," said Ted Koppel, AGent Verso (ILS) Product Manager, Auto-Graphics, Inc. and co-chair of the CORE Working Group. "The rise of ERM systems made this problem even more acute. I'm glad that we-through the CORE standard-have created a mechanism for data sharing, reuse, and delivery."

The DSFTU phase allows the draft standard to be tested and validated by implementers and the marketplace prior to final publication. The trial work will also serve as an opportunity for the information community to provide the CORE Working Group and NISO with feedback on the draft, including the identification of any errors or omissions that may arise during the trial. The intent of this period is to discover and subsequently address such issues, with the goal of creating a more perfect CORE standard.

Trial participants will be asked to implement the CORE protocol in their own organization (or with another trial implementer), participate in the CORE Interest Group list during the trial to share experiences, and provide feedback on any needed changes to the protocol prior to final issuance of the standard. The CORE Working Group will be available to provide guidance and answer questions and will continue to develop support documents during the trial. All comments will be reviewed regularly by the Working Group and will be responded to and made public at the end of the trial use period.

Anyone interested in participating in the trial or who would like additional information should contact NISO using the Contact Us form available online at


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