New and Emerging Specs & Standards (January 2023)

ISO 15707:2022 Information and documentation — International Standard Musical Work Code (ISWC)
Technical Committee: ISO/TC 46/SC 9 Identification and description

“This document specifies a means of uniquely identifying a musical work. It standardizes and promotes internationally the use of a standard identification code so that musical works can be uniquely distinguished from one another within computer databases and related documentation and for the purposes of collecting societies involved in the administration of rights to such works. The International Standard Musical Work Code (ISWC) identifies musical works as intangible creations. It is not used to identify manifestations of, or objects related to a musical work. Such manifestations and objects are the subject of separate identification systems, such as the International Standard Recording Code (ISRC) for sound recordings, the International Standard Music Number (ISMN) for printed music, and the International Standard Audiovisual Number (ISAN) for audiovisual works.”

ISO 23527:2022 Information and documentation — Research activity identifier (RAiD)
Technical Committee: ISO/TC 46/SC 9 Identification and description

“This document defines the use and structure of the Research Activity Identifier (RAiD) system. The RAiD system includes a registry which supports the identification of research projects, i.e. projects managed in a scholarly or industrial environment which are expected to lead to specified outputs. It also specifies the RAiD metadata record which holds key metadata relating to the identified project and indicates relationships to other entities and their persistent identifiers and metadata. RAiD is an identifier for research projects and sub projects or tasks within such projects. It is not itself an identifier for any individual, group or institution, it is not a repository for project documentation or deliverables, nor is it a repository, platform or storage method. It does not apply to research outputs.”

W3C Board of Directors successfully brokered MIT Asset Transfer Agreement [W3C]
"Following its formation on 20 October, the W3C Board of Directors is pleased to have reached an agreement with MIT that transfers assets at MIT to World Wide Web Consortium, Inc. The Web Consortium continues its mission to lead the web to its full potential by developing standards for an open and equitable web. We are very pleased with the completion of this critical milestone in the World Wide Web Consortium’s transition to its own legal entity, set to launch in January 2023. More information will be available from our website in January."

ACT Rules for accessibility evaluation tools and methodologies [W3C]
“The Accessibility Conformance Testing (ACT) Task Force published new ACT Rules and implementations. ACT Rules help evaluation tools and methodologies produced accurate, consistent results. They help you test accessibility standards more reliably. Learn more About ACT Rules. We encourage evaluation tools and methodologies to implement the individual ACT Rules and to share your implementation report on the W3C website. Learn about submitting an implementation of ACT Rules.”