Moving to Remote Seamless Access

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ICYMI!  This is a great article (a case study) appearing in Computers in Libraries, authored by Linda van Keuren, Assistant Dean for Resources and Access Management at Georgetown University Medical Center’s Dahlgren Memorial Library.

Noted: The Road to Simplified Remote Access (Computers in Libraries, July/Aug 2021)

— Jill ONeill (@jillmwo) July 8, 2021

Key Quote: 

The Dahlgren Memorial Library (DML) felt that moving from IP-based authentication to a federated authentication solution would help to achieve these goals and chose OpenAthens (, provided by TDNet (

As OpenAthens and federated access management were new to the library, there was a steep learning curve as the small staff worked to understand the underlying technology and to develop new processes. However, the library had a strong partnership with the university information services (UIS) department. UIS not only vetted OpenAthens to ensure the platform conformed to security and data management policies, but it helped the library staffers work through many of the details of the project. The UIS team favored the move away from IP-based authentication, as it aligned well with university cybersecurity goals.