Case Study: Seamless Access @ Coastal Carolina

This presentation was provided by John Felts of Coastal Carolina University and Jason Griffey of NISO, during the Seamless Access Update, during the 2021 ALA Annual Conference.

The Seamless Access project continues to move forward in an effort to make federated authentication easier for users through the development of its own service, and also through efforts to improve the overall world of federated authentication. This session will start with an overview of how Seamless Access makes federated authentication a better experience while also working to make it more privacy protecting for users. The session will then use a case study to re-examine the remote access experience through the eyes of a library that navigated a shift to majority (or exclusive) remote access. How did their traditional access workflows hold up, what worked - and what didn't? What does this imply for the access technologies and best practices that libraries should consider for the future? Anyone interested in electronic resource access, authentication, user experience, and the future of authentication should attend!

Click on the arrow below to watch the embedded video or click through here to view the recorded presentation on our NISO Cadmore Repository.