Managing The Risks with Daniel Ayala, Founder of Secratic

This presentation from Daniel Ayala was given on Day Two of the two-day NFAIS Forethought Strategic Summit: Transforming Content Through Transformed Systems. Ayala offered this as the abstract of his talk:

Security has become a key part of business, education, and research. What was once seen and run as a cost-centre is now a key piece of keeping organizations operating and building the reputation and trust in that which it produces. With this increased role comes the need to ensure security operates on par with the rest of the business and technology practices of the organization.

In this session, we will discuss how reducing security debt and being proactive in securing your systems reduces the risks from and impacts of incidents; how to address the rise of ransomware and other attacks which have significant potential to disrupt the information and research space from a confidentiality, integrity and availability perspective; and how to approach finding the delicate balance on data use, retention and interchange that is right for your patrons/customers/company/institution.

Click on the arrow above to watch the embedded video or click through here to view the recorded presentation on Youtube.