Van Gogh WorldWide Launches on New Digital Platform

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Arts Talk Magazine indicates that the new digital platform Van Gogh Worldwide was launched on November 5, 2020, calling it a unique, innovative platform publishing information to a high academic standard, as it brings together art-historical and technical information about the work of Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890). According to the project website, the objective was to present data for 2000 works by the artist held in a variety of museums globally in an accessible way, via a user-friendly website.

In particular, the brief story draws attention to the critical use of linked data in the project: 

Van Gogh Worldwide complies with the principles and vision of the Dutch Digital Heritage Network (Netwerk Digitaal Erfgoed) and the Digital Heritage Reference Architecture (DERA). This means that information from different source systems is published as linked data, and inter-linked by means of thesauri. In this way the information is reliable and always up to date. Van Gogh Worldwide is moreover the first platform within the museum and cultural sector to publish data according to the Linked Art data model.

For the full text of the Arts Talk magazine item, visit here.  Jill O'Neill, Director of Content, shared the news on Twitter here.