DAISY Publishes White Paper on the Benefits of EPUB 3

NISO Member News

The DAISY Consortium has published a white paper encouraging the use of Born Accessible EPUB 3 files for corporate, government and university publications and documents. This important piece of work recognizes the work of the publishing industry who have embraced EPUB 3  as their format of choice for ebooks and digital publishing and focuses on how this same approach should be used for all types of digital content, both online and offline.

EPUB 3 provides the opportunity to significantly improve the accessibility of digital content for all readers, regardless of ability. Its many benefits include:

  • EPUB 3 documents can be produced using existing document processes, negating the need for costly and time-consuming remediation processes.
  • All modern word processors now support EPUB 3.
  • There is a legal requirement for organizations to produce accessible documents
  • Organizations can extend the reach and read-through of their documents
  • EPUB 3 improves the reading experience for everyone. If it’s Born Digital, it should be Born Accessible

[Note: This text is abridged from the original full text of the DAISY blog posting, found here.]