Creating Resilient OER in Times of Crisis: Apurva Ashok

This presentation by Apurva Ashok was part of the NISO Two-Part Webinar Serieson Open Educational Resources. Ashok offered this as the abstract for her talk:

The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated accessibility and affordability issues endemic to higher education. Open Educational Resources (OERs) have long been seen as solutions to these problems, but many questions remain. What exactly is an OER? Where can you find them? How are they made? This talk will review different types of OERs and sources for locating them. Mainly, it will focus on creating high-quality, resilient OERs that meet the needs of the current moment. We will demystify the open publishing process and explore how its flexibility allows for creating innovative, inclusive, accessible learning materials. We’ll also identify the people involved and suggest ways of effectively engaging stakeholders to build the foundations for sustainable OER work.