Comments Gathered: Recommended Practice on E-book Metadata

Work by the E-book Bibliographic Metadata Working Group Continues

The draft Recommended Practice for E-Book Bibliographic Metadata in the Sale, Publication, Discovery, Delivery and Preservation Supply Chain was opened for public comment June 18 through August 2.  Now closed, those interested may access the draft document and view those comments that were received; those comments are currently being considered by the Working Group prior to final publication.

A NISO Recommended Practice is a recommended "best practice" or "guideline" for methods, materials, or practices in order to give guidance to the user. Such documents usually represent a leading edge, exceptional model, or proven industry practice. All elements of Recommended Practices are discretionary and may be used as stated or modified by the user to meet specific needs.

Project Description

This NISO Working Group is tasked with collecting the minimal metadata requirements necessary to describe e-books in order to support sales, discovery, delivery, deaccessioning, and preservation, and identify the most effective and efficient way for metadata to be moved through the entire supply chain. This project is intended help the creators and managers of bibliographic records to cooperate to minimize duplication of work and ensure overall quality of metadata.

For more information about its activity, please visit the Committee Page