The Academic Institution: The Interface In Use: A Presentation by Elizabeth German

Listen to the audio and view the presentation provided by Elizabeth German of Texas A&M University Libraries, serving as a speaker participant from the NISO Virtual Conference, The Impact of the Interface: Traditional and Non Traditional Content, held on November 22, 2019.

German offered this as part of her talk:

Information seeking has been longed linked to the metaphor of berrypicking and foraging. This imagery is apt as we can imagine as someone bouncing from berry to berry and bush to bush as the same as users bouncing from content to content and interface to interface in search of knowledge. Within the scholarly research environment, a user will encounter many interfaces such as commercial search engines, library websites, traditional online catalogs, discovery systems, digitized collections, authentication platforms, open access journals, and database vendors.

An academic library has many choices about how to facilitate and support scholarly research in consideration of the research journey. This presentation will give an overview of an academic libraries interface ecosystem, give examples of common design patterns for search interfaces, and provide insights into future directions of library interface management.

Play the Audio Recording below along with Elizabeth's presentation: