Human-Centered Design: An Interview with Lettie Conrad

We were fortunate in having Lettie Conrad sit down with us to talk about the need for human centered design. 

In her 15 years of publishing experience, Lettie has led user-centered web and mobile product development, delivering product design, research, and analysis that enables evidence-based digital product management. She is currently a publishing and product development consultant working with a portfolio of global clients to optimize content discoverability, information architecture, and usability.

Lettie serves as North American Editor for Learned Publishing and is a part-time information science doctoral student in a remote program at Queensland University of Technology via San Jose State’s iSchool.

During our conversation, Lettie referenced the following information resources:

On information experience design

On interactive interviews

  • Conrad, L. Y., & Tucker, V. M. (2019). Making it tangible: Hybrid card sorting within qualitative interviews. Journal of Documentation75(2), 397–416.

Other relevant publications by Lettie Y. Conrad:


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