Open Teleconference: JATS4R

The topic of the most recent NISO Open Teleconference was JATS4R (JATS for Reuse), an initiative that became a NISO working group in 2018. JATS4R creates recommendations for tagging particular types of content in JATS XML, which optimizes its reusability. The audio of that teleconference was recorded and may be accessed below. Participating in the call were members of the JATS4R Steering Committee, Melissa Harrison of eLife, Kevin Lawson of Sheridan Journal Services, and Nick Nunes of Highwire.

JATS4R's work is predicated on the belief that it is critical for publishers, aggregators, indexers, scholarly web platforms, and digital repositories to agree to use a standard set of XML tags and their definitions and to apply it as consistently as possible to the same parts of article content. This adoption of JATS4R recommendations helps scholarly content creators make XML that improves everyone’s experience with--and discovery of--journal article content as it moves from system to system in the scholarly technical ecosystem.

As of this year, JATS4R recommendations are being published as NISO Recommended Practices. The comment period regarding the JATS4R draft recommendation for the tagging of Ethics Statements has been extended to November 29th. We encourage you to add your comments to the Google document found here

Click the play button below to listen to the recording: