KBART Open Hour


Do you work for a publisher, aggregator, or content provider and have questions about how to implement KBART for your content? Need to know how to format a particular KBART field, or what it is used for? Want to learn about resources you can use in developing your KBART files, or how to get feedback on your files? On October 8, 2019, at 11 a.m. Eastern, join the KBART Standing Committee for a FREE, 60-minute "open hour" question-and-answer format webinar hosted by NISO and get information about KBART straight from the group.

We will begin the webinar with a brief presentation on the KBART endorsement process, followed by answers to frequently asked questions and discussion of questions posted by attendees. To submit a question ahead of time, please email kbart@niso.org with the subject "Webinar Question". Attendees will also be able to submit questions during the webinar via chat.

KBART (Knowledge Bases and Related Tools) is a NISO Recommended Practice that describes how to transmit data about serials and books/monographs to knowledge bases maintained by link resolver, resource management, and discovery system vendors.

The KBART Standing Committee members participating in this event include Noah Levin, NISO KBART Standing Committee Co-Chair; Dominic Benson, Analytics and Discovery Officer, Brunel University London; Mark Calkins, Senior Product Support Specialist, OCLC; Robert Heaton, Collection Management Librarian, Utah State University Libraries;  Ben Johnson, Provider Relations Engagement Manager, ProQuest/Ex Libris; Sheri Meares, Senior Director, Knowledge Base, EBSCO Information Services; and Andrée Rathemacher, Head, Acquisitions, University of Rhode Island Libraries and NISO KBART Standing Committee Co-Chair.  

Event Sessions

The recording for this teleconference is now available: