Providing Access: Ensuring What Libraries Have Licensed Is What Users Can Reach


About the Webinar

All stakeholders have an interest in ensuring that properly licensed content is made accessible and usable to the authorized communities. Content providers want to minimize reasons for cancellation (due to under-utilization) while maximizing efficiencies in their business. Libraries want to ensure that users aren’t blocked from content to which they should have rights. What are the intricacies that create challenges in navigating users to the materials they've identified as relevant to their work? In this session, information industry professionals talk about the technological and communication challenges that may be standing in the way of a successful connection.


Nettie Lagace, Associate Director, Programs 

Improving Clarity Around Continuing Access
Adam RusbridgeProject Manager, EDINA, University of Edinburgh

Getting Authentication Right – A View from the Other Side
Shilo DeVries, Subscriptions Manager, Customer Services, Taylor and Francis.

Imagining Better eResource Access: Tomorrow’s Technology Today
Athena HoeppnerElectronic Resources Librarian, University of Central Florida

Challenge Accepted! Tips to ensuring that patrons have access to paid content
Jennifer LefflerTechnical Services Manager, University of Northern Colorado

Event Sessions

Improving Clarity Around Continuing Access


Librarians encounter a variety of issues when managing access to e-journals, and these issues become more complex as we consider the medium- to long-term. Journals transfer between publishers, subscriptions change over time and entitlement information is lost, and journal content can disappear if publishers fail. We will outline the range of problems encountered by libraries and consider steps that can be taken to improve assurance of access.

Getting Authentication Right – A View from the Other Side


Shilo DeVries

Subscriptions Manager, Customer Services
Taylor and Francis

An insight from the publisher’s perspective of the challenges in getting authentication right. In today’s high technology industry, publishers face many obstacles when authenticating content securely and accurately. We will provide an insight into how Taylor & Francis manage authentication, the challenges we face and how we can work together to overcome these more easily.

Imagining Better eResource Access: Tomorrow’s Technology Today


Imagine a world of perfect eResources access. Where licenses, invoices, usage data, knowledgebase, and vendor platforms agree on holdings and rights. Where eResources information flows unhindered between systems. Where user access is easy and ubiquitous.  Such a world does not yet exist yet, but current standards, systems, and processes hint at what could be accomplished. This presentation will explore recent innovations and imagine changes to existing standards and processes to improve eResources management and access.

Challenge Accepted! Tips to ensuring that patrons have access to paid content


Safeguarding patrons’ access to paid content is a hallmark of the work of electronic resources librarians. While this is a known role, the challenges are vast and varied. Access problems arise at many stages of the lifecycle of electronic resources, from purchase and renewal to vendor changes and cancellation. This talk will look at specific examples of access issues from a mid-sized, state institution and provide ideas on how to combat these difficulties.

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