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NISO RP-34-2020, JATS4R Funding, Version 1.0


Crossref convened a working group to produce a recommendation for best practice of funding tagging, which resulted in some change requests to the JATS DTD. These have now been made, so JATS4R created a subgroup to create a JATS4R recommendation. Traditionally, funding information has been held within the acknowledgments section of an article in an unstructured format. As machine readability and re-use of this information have become more critical, publishers and funders require a way to structure this information for mining and re-use, and for this information to be sent to Crossref. It is recommended that publishers use the following recommendation to produce structured funding metadata. The focus of this recommendation is to ensure that a strict tagging model for funding information within the metadata of the article (or a sub-article) is provided in the XML for machine-readable reuse, although this doesn’t preclude also using a looser, mixed content tagging model within descriptive text that might appear in, for example, an acknowledgment section of an article.

There are many combinations of funders, awards, and people associated with a research item. For example, we encountered samples with:
● One funder and multiple awards
● Multiple funders and one award
● One funder, multiple awards, and multiple people
● Multiple funders, one award, and multiple people

Non-monetary support is outside the scope of this recommendation.

The recommendation allows content to be repeated in the metadata markup, but best supports the four use-cases we found and was considered to be a favourable solution to prevent ambiguity. NISO RP-34-2020

This recommendation is for JATS 1.1 and later. We’ve not written it for JATS 1.0 because some elements and attributes have been added in 1.1 that support the information that needs to be collected.

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