NISO to Host Free "XML for Standards Publishers: A NISO Connections Live Event"

Baltimore, MD, January 31, 2017 - On April 24, 2017, the National Information Standards Organization (NISO) will host "XML for Standards Publishers: A NISO Connections Live Event." This free symposium will be held at the Library of Congress and RSVPs are welcome. The event, sponsored by NISO members The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), ASTM, IEEE, Inera, and Mulberry Technologies, and by Edaptive Technologies, FEDLINK, Innodata, Typefi, and XSB, is related to NISO's ongoing efforts to help standards publishers improve their production processes, improve end-user services, and apply NISO's development of Standard Tag Set.
XML for Standards Publishers will demonstrate how XML solves issues associated with the use of PDFs, which lack the flexibility needed to meet current and future market demands. XML can help to improve publishing processes and bring business value to organizations.

"When an organization faces a daunting technological switch, it's vital to confer with others facing the same challenges and to hear from experts who have in-depth knowledge of the new technology," says NISO Executive Director Todd Carpenter. "NISO Connections Live events offer just that chance. Standards publishers who want to use XML in their workflow will benefit enormously from this event. It will help them not only to avoid reinventing the wheel, but to learn the benefits of using standards to enhance productivity."

Attendees at this symposium will learn how XML can:

-Facilitate interoperability between standards organizations
-Aid content reuse for additional products and revenue
-Reduce costs to publish with standards-based publishing systems
-Create multiple publication formats for different devices
-Support accessible publications for the visually impaired

Planned Speakers and Topics

Opening remarks
Todd Carpenter, Executive Director, NISO

Implementing and Leveraging an XMLV Workflow at ISO
Laurent Galichet, Head of Publishing, Senior Leader, ISO

XML: Use It Yourself
Tommie Usdin, President, Mulberry Technologies and NISO Board Chair

NISO STS: An XML Standard for Standards
Rob Wheeler, Director, Publishing Technology, ASME
Howard Gilson, Director of Information Technology, ASTM    

Workflow Choices: When and Where Do I Introduce XML
Bruce Rosenblum, Chief Executive Officer, Inera

Incorporating XML into a Standards Environment: False Starts, Successes, and Challenges
Kim Breitfelder, Director, Content Production & Management, IEEE

Putting Structured Documents to Work
Lesley West, Director, Product Development, ASTM

Leveraging XML to Enhance the Semantic Value of Standards
Rupert Hopkins, Chief Executive Officer, XSB

Using XML to Create Accessible Publications
Chandi Perera, Chief Executive Officer, Typefi

Event Details

XML for Standards Publishers: A NISO Connections Live Event

Monday, April 24, 2017
9:30am - 5:00pm, EST

Mumford Room
James Madison Memorial Building
The Library of Congress
101 Independence Avenue, SE
Washington, DC 20540

Please note that space is limited, so RSVP here soon!

For More Information, Contact:
Jill O'Neill
Phone: 301-654-2512
Email Jill O'Neill

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