Scott Anderson

Associate Professor & Information Systems Librarian

Scott Anderson (MLS, MBA) is an Associate Professor and the Information Systems Librarian at Millersville University. He is responsible for most of the library's electronic services (Discovery, ILS, ILL, KB, repository, linking, etc), configuring content platforms, authentication services, action figures, bobble-heads, easy buttons, and making sure that what electronic content the library does know about is readily accessible to students and faculty. He is also a member of the Library's Collection Development Committee and is always tasked with identifying or fabricating use statistics to inform collection and service decisions through database, publisher or linking reports. He works with faculty and students in the areas of art & design, business, computer science, economics, and mathematics. Scott arrived at Millersville in 1994 just after the internet was born and has managed to break, fix and break again nearly all of the library's electronic resources and services.