Rich Rosy

Vice President & General Manager, Ingram Library Services, Ingram Content Group Inc.

Rich Rosy is the Vice President and General Manager of Ingram’s Library Services division. Rich is an industry thought leader and brings a wealth of experience to Ingram. His understanding of the e-book marketplace and how libraries adopt them enables Ingram to develop solutions in a manner that meets the needs of its library customers. Rich has been a featured speaker at several key events, such as the Charleston Conference and has been interviewed for several key publications, including Against the Grain and Information Today. Additionally, he has brokered several international consortium agreements with Taiwan and Canada.

Mr. Rosy was previously Vice President and General Manager of NetLibrary, a subsidiary of OCLC (Online Computer Library Center). Prior to joining NetLibrary, Mr. Rosy was Executive Vice President of Centrobe, an EDS company specializing in publishing and customer relationship management services.

Mr. Rosy received his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Northern Illinois. He and his family reside in Nashville, Tennessee.