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Patrick Hargitt

Senior Director of Product Management

Patrick brings a wealth of knowledge to Atypon and has worked in the software industry for over 27 years where he previously focused on building scalable platforms and managing engineering teams. He first joined Atypon in 2015 with a mission to modernize the core of Atypon’s flagship Literatum platform as well as optimize product evolution using lean processes and automation. He is now responsible for the overall Literatum Product delivery and roadmap overseeing the launch of many improvements needed in the currently shifting scholarly publishing world. After beginning his product development career at American Management Systems, Patrick eventually moved to Greece where he served as the CTO of Upstream - a startup connecting mobile users with telecom operators, media, and marketeers. He has also led engineering and product development on projects such as Blackberry’s messenger ad platform and VAS solutions deployed by telecom operators around the world. Patrick has a Bachelor of Arts in computer science and physics from Hamilton College, New York.