Neil Grindley

Head of Resource Discovery

Neil is the Head of Resource Discovery at Jisc, an organization that empowers UK universities, colleges and skills providers to fully exploit the possibilities afforded by digital technologies and content. Jisc is influential within and beyond the UK as an innovative agent of change and works with a wide range of strategic partners to add value, make savings and realise efficiencies for its stakeholders. Neil is on the leadership team of the Jisc Digital Resources directorate. He is accountable for several Jisc discovery services and is responsible for forming and maintaining strategic partnerships and collaborations that will enable more effective discovery and delivery of resources for research, teaching and learning. Prior to this role, Neil was responsible for the Digital Preservation and Curation programme at Jisc and managed and led an extensive range of activities and partnerships, including the EC-funded 4C Project which took an in-depth look at the economics of digital curation. Previously, Neil worked on a national UK project to promote the use of advanced digital methods for humanities research and before that was the IT Manager at the Courtauld Institute of Art, London.