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Maria Stanton

Director of Production

Maria Stanton is the Director of Production for Atla and a member of Atla’s leadership team. Maria and her team are responsible for the editorial scope and quality of Atla Religion Database®(Atla RDB®), as well as the full-text offerings AtlaSerials®, and AtlaSerials PLUS®. Previously, Maria was the VP of Production for Alexander Street Press, where she was responsible for a full range of products, from archival databases to streaming audio and video collections. Prior to joining Alexander Street Press, Maria was the Senior Director of Content Operations at Serials Solutions, where she oversaw the knowledge base, link resolvers, and federated search solutions. Maria currently serves on NISO’s Board of Directors. Maria is a frequent speaker on a range of topics, from the state of theological libraries in the Global South, the challenges of Open Access, and the support of scholarly research in the Humanities.