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Jodi Schneider

Associate Professor

Dr. Jodi Schneider has been working in the area of scholarly communication since 2006, as a librarian and digital library researcher. In 2016 she joined the faculty at the University of Illinois School of Information Sciences, where she trains future information professionals and conducts research in scholarly communication, meta-science, argumentation, evidence synthesis, and knowledge maintenance technologies. Specifically related to retractions, her publications demonstrate that citation can persist for 11+ years after retraction (Schneider et al., 2020), present a methodology for determining whether work fundamentally depends on a citation to retracted work (Fu & Schneider, 2020), and show that, in a large biomedical collection, only 5.4% of post-retraction citation contexts acknowledged the retraction (Hsiao & Schneider, 2021). She has prior experience in standards development, as a member of the W3C Library Linked Data Incubator Group and the FORCE11 Research Data Publishing Ethics Working Group. She was the Principal Investigator of the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation-funded RISRS grant focused on studying retracted research, which led directly to the creation of the NISO CREC Working Group.