Fernando Chirigati

Fernando Chirigati is a Postdoctoral Research Associate at NYU Tandon School of Engineering and NYU Center for Data Science. His research interests are mainly in the area of scientific data management, including provenance management and analytics, large-scale data analytics, data mining, computational reproducibility, and data visualization. He has received several awards, including an honorable mention for SIGMOD 2017 Best Demonstration, the SIGMOD 2017 Most Reproducible Paper, the Pearl Brownstein Doctoral Research Award, and the Deborah Rosenthal MD Award. He is also the Reproducibility Editor of Elsevier's Information Systems Journal, and one of the architects of ReproZip, a tool that facilitates reproducibility of existing computational experiments. He has a PhD in Computer Science from New York University, and a BE in Computer and Information Engineering from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.