Charlie Rapple

Chief Customer Officer & Co-founder

woman with shoulder length dark wavy hair, Charlie Rapple

Charlie Rapple, the Chief Customer Office and Co-founder of Kudos, is a seasoned professional at the forefront of the scholarly communications industry.  As a self-described "geek marketer,"  Charlie is dedicated to the exploration of cutting-edge techniques and technologies.  She is a prolific writer and speaker, sharing her insights on the latest industry developments. Compelled by her unwavering passion for breaking down barriers and enhancing relationships within the research sharing landscape, Charlie volunteers for the industry association UKSG.  She also serves as an Associate Editor of Learning Publishing.  Charlie holds a BA from the University of Bristol and a postgraduate MDip in Marketing.  Prior to co-founding Kudos, she was a strategic marketing consultant at TBI Communications and various management roles at CatchWolrd, Ingenta, and Publishing Technology.