NISO Announces New Publishers Enacting Phase Two of KBART Guidelines, Encourages Other Publishers to Seek Endorsement

Baltimore, 11/21/2016 - The National Information Standards Organization (NISO) is pleased to announce that five publishers are now supplying metadata that conforms to phase two of the recommended practice, KBART: Knowledge Bases And Related Tools (NISO RP-9-2014). Conformance with KBART indicates that the format and content of data supplied by these publishers observe practical recommendations for timely exchange between content providers and knowledge base vendors.

The newest endorsers are:

Greenleaf Publishing

Harvard University Press 


Oxford University Press 

Project MUSE

John Peters, Managing Director, Greenleaf Publishing, comments, "We are committed to serving our customers well, and to industry standards that benefit our customers. We are pleased to be endorsing the KBART initiative."
"The KBART Standing Committee encourages all providers that have taken the time and effort to follow the KBART recommendations to seek endorsement from the Standing Committee," says Kathy Marcaccio, Publication Metadata Program Manager at Cengage Learning and co-chair of that committee. "Endorsement by the Standing Committee is an indicator to librarians and vendors that the provider is serious about making its content work well with library discovery and management products to give libraries the best possible experience."

"All content providers, from major databases to small publishers, are encouraged to submit a sample file to the KBART Standing Committee" says Magaly Bascones, Service Manager at Jisc Collections and co-chair of the committee. "Once the file's format and content has been reviewed and approved, and the provider has made it publicly available (in line with the recommendations), the provider will be added to a public list of endorsing providers. Bascones adds, "Knowledge base developers can endorse the KBART Recommended Practice by confirming that their systems can process KBART formatted files."

To learn about how your organization can endorse KBART, and for more information on the initiative's Phase II activities, visit


The NISO KBART (Knowledge Bases And Related Tools) Standing Committee manages and supports Knowledge Bases and Related Tools (KBART) Recommended Practice (NISO RP-9-2014). This publication provides all parties in the information supply chain with straightforward guidance about metadata formatting to ensure the exchange of accurate metadata between content providers and knowledge base developers. Phase II of the Recommendations, published in 2014 builds on the original 2010 publication by supporting consortia-specific metadata and metadata transfer for open access publications, e-books, and conference proceedings. For more information, visit

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