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Sustaining Institutional Publishing in Europe

Sustaining Institutional Publishing in Europe

June 2024

National Overviews on Sustaining Institutional Publishing in Europe

From the Executive Summary

The richness of Diamond Open Access (OA) publishing is characterised by its diversity: from  the  wide-ranging  disciplines  it  serves  in  multiple  languages  to  the  types  of organisations  and  networks  involved  in  developing,  running  or  maintaining  it.  Local, regional and national interests driving it are underpinned by the context of the country’s publishing  industry  and  national  political,  social,  and  economic  OA  priorities,  policies, and  practices.  Understanding  the  current  state  and  potential  future  of  Diamond  OA publishing across the European Research Area is a key goal of the DIAMAS project. This report presents research findings in the early 2024 context of Diamond OA publishing in 10 countries from across the various regions of Europe.

This  report  shows  how  national  contexts  differ  and  create  unique  conditions  for Diamond OA publishing in each country. Diamond OA particularly flourishes in countries with  strong  community  leadership  and  public  funding.  In  some  countries,  national journal   publishing   is   financially   supported   through   public   financing   to   maintain   a prosperous   and   locally   relevant   scholarly   communication   environment   in   national languages,   often   realised   through   Diamond   OA   publishing.   In   countries   where institutional publishers are coordinated at the national level, more public funding may be available for Diamond OA. However, this is not necessarily a condition for robust national infrastructures  to  support  Diamond  publishing.  

Creating  conditions  for  Diamond  OA publishing to flourish in a national context requires recognising the following factors:

  • The role of Diamond OA in the scholarly publishing landscape differs across countries

  • Diamond OA is by and for the national community

  • Diamond OA must be incentivised

  • Public funding is necessary for IPSPs and infrastructures that enable Diamond

  • National strategies for open science can, but do not always, promote Diamond publishing