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Project ReShare Launches ReShare Digital Initiative and Pledge Drive

Project ReShare Launches ReShare Digital Initiative and Pledge Drive

June 2024

Information Industry News

June 5, 2024

Project ReShare is pleased to announce the launch of the ReShare Digital software development initiative and its accompanying pledge drive. This endeavor is aimed at revolutionizing the way libraries share and access digital collections, with an initial emphasis on eBook lending and book chapter delivery functionalities.

ReShare Digital, an extension of the widely embraced open source ReShare platform, will provide users with a comprehensive set of tools for borrowing and lending digital materials such as eBooks, articles, book chapters, and special collections. The platform is envisioned to facilitate collaborative sharing among libraries, consortia, and even across groups using disparate software systems by adhering to industry standards. Initial development efforts will concentrate on establishing support for eBook lending and book chapter document storage and delivery.

The development roadmap for ReShare Digital is guided by input from Project ReShare members, facilitated through a community prioritization process overseen by the ReShare Subject Matter Experts, Product Committee, and Steering Committee. In a recent vote held in March 2024, ReShare members identified eBook lending and book chapter document delivery as key priorities for development, signaling a significant milestone in the evolution of the community-driven software. Work on these features will commence once fundraising objectives are met.

Building upon the foundation laid by previous initiatives, project leaders anticipate completing major development milestones within the next 24-36 months, contingent upon funding availability. Contributions from the ReShare community are essential to expedite progress.

The ReShare Digital Pledge Drive has been launched to support the initial phase of development, with a fundraising goal of $300,000. This phase will focus on project planning, requirements gathering, design, and prototyping of eBook lending. Financial and software development contributions from the community are critical for the success of this initiative. Libraries and organizations interested in shaping the future of digital resource sharing are invited to pledge their support. More information on how to pledge can be found here:

About This Organization

About Project ReShare

Project ReShare’s vision is to serve as libraries’ competitive advantage in developing the most compelling innovation and agency in support of collections and resource sharing, while maintaining an inclusive and sustainable ecosystem that is fully accountable to its community of co-investors. In service to this vision, ReShare’s mission is to set the standard for how libraries collaborate, partner, share resources, and connect patrons to the information they require by developing user-centered, standards-based, community-driven, and community-owned library technologies and tools.