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Modeling Costs for Sustainability

Modeling Costs for Sustainability

May 2024

Recently Added to the BISG YouTube Channel

Wrestling with the supply chain continues to be a key focus for those working to deliver long-form content in print. Of potential interest to the NISO community is this recent recording of one of BISG's lively Lunch and Learn events, Modeling The Cost of Sustainability in Book Publishing.

They described the content of the webinar this way:

With sustainability continuing to be a key topic, we used our May Supply Chain Lunch & Learn to build on the work of Andreas Stobberup (2K/Denmark) and Victor Milligan (Cairnbridge Advisors). These members of BISG's Sustainability Working Group lead a discussion based on an April 23 blog post, Modeling the Compounding Cost of Sustainability in the Book Publishing Industry, to provide clarity on what is financially at stake for publishers and highlight the potential impact of sustainable typesetting to address margin risk. Andreas and Victor spent the first 20 minutes of the session providing their perspective on this important issue.

Coming up at the American Library Association meeting in San Diego later this month is the 17th Annual BISG-NISO Changing Standards Landscape event. This year's program will address the profound impact that artificial intelligence poses to the book publishing industry, from enhancing efficiencies and accessibility to addressing ethical concerns. 

Confirmed speakers at that event include:

  • Todd Carpenter, Executive Director, NISO
  • Rachel Comerford, Senior Director of Accessibility Outreach and Communication, Macmillan Learning; 
  • Cynthia Hudson Vitale, Dean of Technology Strategy and Digital Services, Johns Hopkins University; 
  • Barbara Kline Pope, Director, JHU Press; 
  • Thad McIlroy, President, The Future of Publishing; 
  • Brian O’Leary, Executive Director, Book Industry Study Group (BISG); and 
  • Robin Sloan, Author of Mr. Penumbra’s 24-hour Bookstore & upcoming Moonbound.

No advance registration is required to attend as the event is open to all registered attendees of ALA. For further details about , see our NISO On The Road event page.