A January Update Focused on ANSI/NISO Z39.105-2023

What You'll Want to Know!

The first NISO open teleconference of 2024 provided an overview and discussion on NISO's newest standard, ANSI/NISO Z39.105-2023, Content Profile/Linked Document (CP/LD), which enables portions of content, data, semantics, and other resources from separate sources to be combined into a single, standards-based format optimized for interchange, search, and display. 

CP/LD Working Group co-chairs Suzanne BeDell and Bill Kasdorf and member Rinke Hoekstra joined NISO Associate Executive Director Nettie Lagace in a discussion of how the new standard will address issues in information delivery and improve user access to published material by enabling them to engage with a specific portion of content at the appropriate time in the research lifecycle. CP/LD provides flexible instructions for linking and combining academic, research, and professional content, data, and semantics in a single package. It defines a machine-readable, self-describing, standards-based markup format that can be used to exchange data between systems, APIs, and services.

Listen to the recording below:

Audio Recording, January 8, 2024, Open Teleconference, Content Profile/Linked Document (CP/LD) Standard