AAP Announces Support for AI-Certification Nonprofit

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The Fairly Trained organization offers a brief FAQ with additional information. 

As a sample from that FAQ:

Is consent from content companies really enough? Shouldn’t you get consent from individual creators?

We’re conscious that there are different views in the creator community regarding what consent generative AI companies should be required to seek. Can content aggregators who work with creators license creators’ content to AI companies, or is individual creator consent required for each license? Is giving creators an opt-out enough, or is an opt-in needed?

We’ve launched the L certification as our first certification because we believe that AI companies getting licences for training data usage, rather than claiming fair use, should be applauded. We hope it will help reinforce the principle that rights-holder consent is needed for generative AI training.

For more about the organization, visit: https://www.fairlytrained.org/about