Trim Sizes: How They Have Shifted Over Time


In looking at printing delays and other paper supply problems during the pandemic, one of the ideas that emerged from printing houses was a bit less diversity in the available trim sizes used for printed volumes. But then the question arises of which are the most common trim sizes in use. What is the difference between a Crown Octavo and a Royal Octavo? The creator and narrator of this YouTube video, himself a British book seller and collector, provides specifics on the various sizes found on bookstore shelves as he outlines the industry shift that accelerated in the 1960's. The viewing time required is 45 minutes. 


Found on YouTube

With 39 years working in the UKs city bookshops, Steve Andrews takes you through the terminology, dimensions and history from the 1960s to the present day of paperback and hardcover book formats, also explaining the changing usage of the term 'trade paperback' and many other nuggets of arcane bookselling knowledge along the way...

Click above to watch the embedded video or click through here to view the recorded presentation on Youtube.