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Seven Reasons to Attend the NISO Plus Forum in 2023!

Seven Reasons to Attend the NISO Plus Forum in 2023!

August 2023

The 2023 NISO Plus Forum, happening in Washington, DC, on October 3, is just a few weeks away! We know that your time is valuable, so here are seven great reasons to join us:

  1. You care about AI and how it will change the future of scholarly communications: News stories about the impact and potential of AI have dominated the media since the release of ChatGPT. Take this opportunity to learn more about how these issues affect scholarly communications and voice your opinion on how we should move forward as a community. 
  2. You need to know about AI for your job: Love it or hate it, sooner or later you’ll have to deal with AI on the job. This event focuses on three key areas that are critical to understanding the role of AI and machine learning in scholarly communications: services, data, and ethics. 
  3. You’ll learn what other organizations are doing in this space: The Forum is a great opportunity to hear what leaders from organizations across the industry think about AI and how they are preparing to leverage these new technologies and address concerns around their ethical implications.
  4. The event format is unique: The Forum is highly interactive, emphasizing small group discussions (World-Cafe style) over presentations. Take it from last year’s attendees, who said the format was “Really fresh” and “conducive to vibrant and engaged conversation,” and that it “allowed for diversity of ideas and discussions”
  5. It’s an opportunity to expand your network: Throughout its history, NISO has brought diverse groups of stakeholders from across the industry to discuss challenges facing the information community. At the Forum, you’ll engage with professionals working for libraries, publishers, technology and service providers, government agencies, and more.
  6. You’ll have fun! This lively event takes place in a state-of-the-art venue, the American Geophysical Union’s net-zero energy conference center. And immediately following the meeting, all attendees are invited to join us for a social event we’re co-hosting with our friends at the Society for Scholarly Publishing (don’t forget to RSVP so that we have a headcount for the venue!). 
  7. You’ll be helping us shape the future: The NISO Plus Forum has an impact beyond just the day of the meeting! During the event we will work to identify common problems that highlight where best practices and standards are most needed in the AI/machine learning space. Ideas generated will then be used to inform future NISO projects.

For all these reasons and more, join us at the 2023 NISO Plus Forum! Space is limited, so register now

We’d like to thank our host, the American Geophysical Union, as well as event sponsors Project MUSE, Silverchair, Straive, Stony Brook University Libraries, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, CHORUS, Bowker, the Modern Language Association, and the University of Delaware Library, Museums, and Press. Their generous support makes our event possible. If you would like to join them, there’s still time—check out the sponsor page on the NISO Plus site.