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AUPresses Releases Annual Report

AUPresses Releases Annual Report

June 2023

NISO Member News

May 22, 2023

Released via the Humanities Commons platform, the 2023 Annual Report from AUPresses was cause for celebration in many respects! 

From the Executive Director of AUPresses, Peter Berkery:

The period largely saw our community emerge from the covid pandemic, with press staffs navigating new work arrangements and a gradual return to academic conferences, including our own annual meeting in Washington, DC last June—the first in three years! Our community—its members, its leaders, the professional staff that serves it—continues to model the resilience, flexibility, and empathy necessary to remain on this path to a “new normal.”

The AUPresses community grew again in FY23; as of this writing the Association’s membership stands at 161 presses. During the period, we welcomed four new members, representing a wide geographical spread from Guam to Johannesburg. Additionally, one Introductory member converted to permanent membership. As I’ve noted previously, interest in joining AUPresses continues to expand globally, reflecting the increasingly global nature of scholarly communications.

The good news is that the Association’s overall financial position remains strong. Thanks to a sound investment policy developed by our Investment Committee in 2019, the quasi-endowment weathered 2022’s poor market performance comparatively well. And we have accumulated budget surpluses in excess of $400,000 from FY21 and FY22.